Star Wars: Episode VIII is coming May 26th, 2017

Rian Johnson is finally, officially confirmed as writer and directorStar_Wars_Episode_VIII_Poster

Following J.J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens, the second film in the new Star Wars trilogy (the yet-to-be-subtitled Episode VIII) will hit theaters on May 26th, 2017. That’s 40 years and one day after the very first film, A New Hope, premiered in 1977. Disney CEO Bob Iger also confirmed that Star Wars: Episode VIII will be written and directed by Looperfilmmaker Rian Johnson (that’s technically been known since last June, but this is the first time Disney’s confirmed it). Continue reading

Apple is hiding an embarrassing iPhone 6 camera bulge

Apple has an unpleasant bulge it’s hiding. The latest iPhone 6 has slimmed down to just 6.9mm of metal in what apple_iphone_6_camera_bulge_edit_appleApple describes as a “streamlined profile,” but it has picked up one element that isn’t particularly streamlined: an ugly camera bulge at the rear. You wouldn’t necessarily spot it if you were browsing Apple’s website though. While some images display the bulge clearly, there’s a number where it has simply vanished from sight. Continue reading

Apple launches public beta for iOS 8.3

But not everyone’s able to sign up at the moment

For the first time ever, Apple is inviting regular users to test out an upcoming iOS update. The company has ios-8-app-tweakslaunched a page where interested iPhone owners can sign up to trial iOS 8.3 before it’s released to all consumers later this year. Apple’s signup page, pictured above, suggests it’s gained valuable feedback by running a public beta of OS X on the desktop, and now it’s extending the program to cover iOS as well. Continue reading

Even Apple didn’t want my iPhone 6 Plus

I bought a really expensive phone last week. Then I got rid of it.plutus91503

After the big Apple announcement, I internally debated the merits of a mobile phone that would instantly connect me to a lifetime’s worth of entertainment and knowledge, and a slightly larger version of the same thing. I chose the big one. Like so many bad decisions, I made this one at 3AM in my underpants.

On Friday evening, the colossus arrived. Removed from its slim, minimalistic cardboard home, the iPhone 6 Plus’s size intimidated me. I couldn’t decide how to hold the thing, so I cradled its bottom in my right hand and its top in my left, like a vulnerable cranium.

“This is huge!” said my wife, snatching the phone. She held the slab to her cheek, as if to make a call, and half her head disappeared behind a wall of space gray. It looked like she’d stolen a prop phone from the set of a 1980s sci-fi movie. Continue reading