Best of the best tech toys you must have

Summer? Sounds like you have tons money, This is the way to spend it proparly

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

The new galaxy, make upscale samsung smartphone to the next design, when you hold the phone you will feel the metal unibody make premium feeling to it, unlike S5 which have plastic unibody. Its make the “Android Flagship” until the new galaxy introduce. That matches iPhone 6 for one – one.


  1. Apple watch

So many feature, So many style to choose, So much potential. Its apple first “Gadget” after steven paul jobs died, But its seem like tim cook, already done a great job. I mean if you have iPhone, the first “Accessories” you must have is apple watch. But, typical apple there is the price you have to pay, and its not cheap either


  1. Dji vision 3 professional edition

Yap, Drone. Nowdays drone more popular among citizen. You dont have to have a “License and insurance” to fly a drone, the the fun its un-describele. And if you want to shoot unlike other, just buy a drone. And if you have $1200 bucks to spend, Vision 3 is the best. Its camera can shoot on 4K, and stablilyzer. If you want cheaper? There a lot,  my suggestion is Dji vision 2+ and Parrot. But if you are pro enough you can buy a Dji inspire one, The cost? $3000 bucks.


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