Fruit Cafe

The fruit and coffee


Do you eat enough fruit?

Do you want eat healthy?

If yes, Then fruit cafe is for you!



Yesterday,  Me and my parents went to our (New) local coffee shop,  Its called ‘The fruit cafe”.We took a seat in indors beacuse outdoor just not good at that moment, To enjoy our meal.

At first glance, the cafe give off a comfortable atmosphere. The cafe have relaxing decor, and have cozy corner. There are 2 type of seats in that restaurant, First seat was sofa seat and wooden seat for outdoors. The service was amazing, The waittres was kind, nice and playful. They even give me a present. The coffee experince was nice.



I was order Frapuchinno flavor, in medium size of glass, there was a whipe cream, Astor, and some chocolate. The cofffee was good to look at and good to drink.

The fruit i was order was watermelon with ice cream. Yap, it was weird, The watermelon and ice cream was put together in medium bowl and the watermelon its cut until small pieces while the ice cream, its covering the watermelon. Its come with chocolate too and some strawberries

But the flavor is just too good to forget, It have rich flavor, Fresh, delicius, the presentasion was nice and Healthy too!. But this is the problem, the price you cant call it cheap, and for other people i think the price was just too expemsive, But big price come with big tasty.

So, the conclusion was if you have a lot of money to spend then, this place is the right place. But if you want just good coffee and good price, you wont get it in this place

My ratings was 4 Cup of coffee of 5 Cup of coffee


Ps : This is just for school project, Not real

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