The “New” Watch from Apple

So, now you can have an apple watch, Either you go to store or you just buy on web. But, If you want buy it, This is applewatchthe review.




So first of all the Standard”Watch” which have “38 mm stainless steel case with white sport band”, is start from $549. And if you want “Apple Care” Which… well i don’t understand as well, Add $69. As usual Apple alsays make product that over price. Then come the ” Apple Watch Sport edition”, Which have a little bit strength glass. This watch is for who you know by the title, for who really love sport and wear this. And weirdly, Thw cheapest watch is the sport edition “only” $349. And then come the “Exclusive” Apple watch, Its called “Apple watch edition”. The price is Wapping $7000 YES SEVEN THOUSEND DOLLAR IS THE CHEAPEST, And the most expensive? $17000

Yes, its cost the same as Ford Fiesta 2015 edition. Yup That is apple. And for more information dont forget to follow me on WordPress and dont forget to watch and subscribe me on youtube. Thanks!




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