Best Chinese Phone you can have

A lot of you assume that china market was just teribble they just good copying, Well Now things ChangeXiaomi-vs-OPPO-N1

This is the nominee





1. Oppo Find 7

Yes, Oppo. Its rocking a not realy new snapdragon 800. 2Gb RAM and 2K of display, YES 2K. The camera is cappeble of 4K recording yes, 4K camera. 13 Megapixel for the camera and Android 4.3 In color os skin. And if you dont like it you can root you device and install a new ROM like CyanogenMod and its can Lollipop like my phone

Price? its only $450 Off contractOppo-Find-7







2. Xiaomi Redmi 1s

Its the cheapest xiami phone out there, ITs rocking snapdragon 400, with 512 Gb of ram and 8megapixel, Just like Iphone. Os? 4.3 Jelly bean. and you cant have US LTE, beacuse its max its 3G




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