Apple is hiding an embarrassing iPhone 6 camera bulge

Apple has an unpleasant bulge it’s hiding. The latest iPhone 6 has slimmed down to just 6.9mm of metal in what apple_iphone_6_camera_bulge_edit_appleApple describes as a “streamlined profile,” but it has picked up one element that isn’t particularly streamlined: an ugly camera bulge at the rear. You wouldn’t necessarily spot it if you were browsing Apple’s website though. While some images display the bulge clearly, there’s a number where it has simply vanished from sight.


It could be clever lighting, placement, and website trickery, but ultimately it looks like the camera bulge has simply been sliced from view on most profile shots of the phone. Even Apple’s own official iPhone 6 press images have been altered. We get it, nobody wants unsightly bulges, least of all Apple’s latest iPhone 6 smartphone, but it shouldn’t just vanish into thin air. You can view all of Apple’s attempts to hide its iPhone 6 bulge in the gallery below.

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